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Baggage means such articles, effects and other personal property of a passenger as are necessary or appropriate for wear, use, comfort or convenience in connection with a trip. Unless otherwise specified, it shall include both checked and unchecked baggage.

We recommend that you pack your belongings in proper suitcases to avoid damage to your luggage or its contents during its transportation.

In order to prevent baggage handlers from getting hurt and troubles at some airports, we suggest that your checked baggage do not exceed 23kg (50lb), otherwise you may be asked to repack, transfer some of your belongings into different bag or pay excess baggage fee. Bags over 32kg (70lb) must be repack because it is too heavy for handler to lift. Some special items over 32kg such as medical equipment, pets, musical instruments, sporting equipment, camera equipment or household items should be pre-advised to Airline Reservation office and get approval at least 24 hours ahead of departure. Please aware that the weight limit restriction refers to a single item and will not affect the baggage allowance or excess baggage fee of your trip.

At the check-in counter, please make sure that your baggage is tagged to the correct flight and destination. The numbers of baggage receipt and your checked baggage should be identical as well.

All checked baggage must be screening by X-ray. Such security check can be performed either before or after a passenger has finished the check-in process. If this is done beforehand, the passenger will be requested to stand by at the X-ray checkpoint until his/her baggage is clear. If the passenger is not present at the checkpoint, the baggage could be opened for inspection or deny for transportation without passenger’s consent.

Please remember that a name tag in English format will be helpful if your baggage is lost. It will speed up the airline's ability to locate your baggage. For your convenience, most airlines offers blank name tags at the check-in counter for free. You will take sole responsibility for items’ lost and damage if is packed in carton boxes or paper shopping bags. Please do not pack fragile articles, valuable items, important document, medicines, and keys. Airline assumes no liability for loss, damage or delay to certain articles during delivery. Liability

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Travel Insurance
V2E tours does not offers travel insurance. I recommend to purchase your travel insurance through your Auto Insurance Agent(s), from varieties of different travel insurance offer online, or AAA.
Travel Documents
You will need a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the date of your arrival in Indonesia...read more..
You will not have access to your checked baggage during flight. We advise that you carry your medication, travel documents and valuables in your carry-on baggage. Label your checked baggage with full contact information. ..read more..
Items to take
Different cultures, different needs. You my want to bring the following items as you travel: ..read more..
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